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Waist Twisting Disc

Waist Twisting Disc is a new generation body-building product that was developed on the basis of high-level series of sports goods.

Get fit the Fun Way with the Waist Twist Disc.

It is a popular exercise tool, easy to use and finally reach your fitness goal!

  • Place your waist twist disc on a flat floor (Don’t work out on an area rug that might move, buckle, or slide).
  • Feel the magnetic acupressure gently massage the sole of your feet.
  • Hold both feet firmly on the plate, gently begin to twist at your waist, in a right and left motion.
  • It helps to burn calories and tightened abdominal muscles for a trimmer look, encourage weight loss. For some women, it is a flatter stomach, tighter hips, and a smaller waist.
  • Just 10 minutes a day and is so simple for a healthy and slimmer look.

There are many other ways of exercise to do with this disc, like:

  1. Semi-squat twist
  2. Spider push
  3. Torso rotation holding on to a chair
  4. Twist sitting on a chair

As with any aerobic workout, start with a warmup and build in a cool-down time.

Getting ready for the first time:

A certain amount of balance is needed to get and stay on a twist disc. Make sure you’re ready for this type of exercise by doing the following:

  • Test your balance. Place your right foot on the disc and slowly place the left foot on the disc, stand for half a minute to a minute without wobbling, you’re probably ready to try a twist disc.
  • Be on an even, stable surface.  Make sure the ground you’re on is even.


Type of sports: Balance Training


Training Site: Waist

Origin: Mainland China

Function: Muscle Relex Apparatus

Department Name: Unisex

Application: Magnet Waist Wriggling Plate