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Gym Training Gloves

With our Wrap Lifting Gloves, there is no weight too heavy, or no repetition is too many.
Keeping your hands warm and protected is the key to getting the best results from our Gym Training Gloves.
Wrist Protection and Stabilization:
● It is easy to wear and relieves wrist pain.
● When working out or training, apply gentle compression to your wrists to protect and  stabilize them.
● The adjustable design enables it to confirm to your wrist’s shape, it also provides strong support and is comfortable to wear.
● It is time to get the Gym Training Gloves you deserve.
● High quality, durable, soothing warmth, breathable and sweat-wicking, comfortable to
● As a result of the Gym Training Gloves, excessive wrist motion during exercise can be reduced, resulting is an increase in wrist flexibility.
 Wearable and Comfortable:
● An ideal lightweight protective gear for active adults and youth.
● Fitted to the circumference of the wrist with elastic pressure. It is adjustable, fit most
   people, and fit both right and left wrist.
Designed for:
● weightlifting, cycling, fitness and sports
Type: Gym Training Glove
Product:Sports Fitness Non-slip Breathable Half Finger Gloves
Origin:Mainland China
Material: suede stair cloth