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Yoga Resistance Rope

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Exercise with 8 Resistance Rope is often used for arm workouts, back stretches, shoulder exercises, leg workouts. Ideal for strength training, chest expansion, yoga, and physical therapy to strengthen torn muscles or ligaments. Also, an effective method of getting muscles tone, and losing fat. Ideal for general exercises.

With its latest design, this 8-shaped TPE glove fits your hands and body perfectly. The handle of this resistance rope has a massage point, which has an anti-skid massage function, so you will feel more comfortable while using it.

With a wide design, our resistance rope is more elastic, will not deform when used, and can stretch up to 2 meters

This resistance rope is ideal for home fitness, easy to use. No more expensive gym fees and no more large fitness equipment occupying your home space. Extremely convenient and you can use it anytime and anywhere.