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Hand Grip Strengthener

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Strengthening our grip is an important aspect of our fitness and health. In addition to diagnosing physical and cognitive conditions, it can determine the state of our health. It is highly beneficial to incorporate grip strength exercises into our day-to-day routines. The chances of experiencing repetitive strain injury are high for people who participate in sports like rock climbing, weightlifting, golf and tennis.
These activities are often associated with repetitive movements under strenuous forces, which can lead to tenonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Using Hand Grip Strengthener, you will improve grip strength, prevent injury, and develop more vascular arms.
You can unlock the secret potential of your grip strength with simple exercises you can do anywhere and anytime.



 Type of sports:Muscle Relexation

Type:A Type Gripper

Training Site:Muscle Relex Apparatus,Hand,Wrist

Strength:100 lb

Origin:Mainland China

Model Number:CM068

Material:aluminum metal

Function:Comprehensive Fitness Exercise