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Gel Hot Cold Therapy Headache Migraine Relief Hat

 This is a one size fits all stretchable Migraine Relief Hat which utilize compression, cold, and warm therapy to naturally ease headache and migraine pain.

Say goodbye to old style of putting ice packs on forehead.

It is a 360-degree head coverage for ease of movement and faster recovery.

With the design, there is no need to fiddle with straps, wraps, you could wear it on to relief pain within seconds.

The inside gel and premium insulation work together to help maintain an almost constant temperature for up to 30 minutes to alleviate the most common server headache.

The temperature gradually increases or decreases after 30 minutes, Cold and hot temperatures are remarkably effective at relieving headache and chronic migraine.

Cold effect reduces neurotransmission of pain, numb the pain by constricting blood vessels for those with chronic migraines.

Alternatively, tension headaches sufferers may find that the heat increases blood flow to the area and relaxes tense muscles that can cause muscle contraction headaches,

Use it Cold or Warm, Wear it for 5 – 20 mins:

For Cold use: Freeze your hat for 30 minutes

For Warm use: Microwave your hat for 10 seconds

It is easy to clean, convenient, and travel friendly, Find comfort in this stretchable, single-piece, reusable natural headache hat. The one size fits all stretchable compression makes it a perfect fit for everyone.


Weight: 350g

Usage Mode: Manual

Usage: Migraine Relief

Type: Migraine Relief Hat

Size: 22*17.5cm

Size: Large

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: QEY-HG

Material: Solid gel

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Feature 08: Beauty Heath Care

Feature 07: Migraine Therapy Ice Gel Cap

Feature 06: Head Massager

Feature 05: Cooling Gel Ice Beanie Headache Relief

Feature 04: Birthday gift selection

Feature 03: Eye Face Cover Ice Pack

Feature 02: 360°natural cooling therapy

Feature 01: Instant for Migraine & Headaches Relief

Certification: CE

Brand Name: AEIOU

Application: Head