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Fitness Muscle Stimulator Slimming Massage


  • DEFINED AND STRONG ABS: The VPOD Abs electrode pad gives the results of resistance training from anywhere at any time. The VPOD Abs electrode pad, compatible with the VPOD Tens unit, is safe and effective to use at home in order to have stronger abs.
  • FREEDOM AND FIT: THE VPOD pad can be used while watching TV or doing chores without any effort. The comfortable fit of this portable contraction stimulator device will make it a habit to train every day.
  • TONED ABDOMINALS: The VPOD electrode pad improves overall energy and tonus while growing and defining muscle. Electrical muscle stimulation is used to tone abs in a healthy, painless manner.
  • WIRELESS CONTROL: The free VPOD App enables control over any workout session. This electric muscle stimulator is ready to use through a fast and easy installation. The VPOD DEVICE IS SOLD SEPARATELY.