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Exercise Resistance Bands

The versatility Exercise Resistance Pull Band is suitable for stretching during a warmup, dance, and Pilates. Massaging your muscles, and finishing with a soft and comfortable assisted stretch, which is useful for physical therapy treatment.

The band allows your body to be in better shape to withstand intense exercise, enhancing muscles recovery, and reducing the risk of injuries. It fits comfortably in your hands and around your feet. If you have never done yoga stretches before, you will find it amazingly easy to work with.

With the 8/9 loops design, it gives you many options for resistance and meet your needs.

 Durability: This Exercise Resistance Pull Band made with Nylon is long-lasting, durable and offer great stability, so they will not lose its shape, rip, or fray.


  • You can easily fit the band around your hands and feet. Stretch exercise keep your body in better shape to withstand intensive exercise and improve range of motion, enhance muscle recovery, and reduce injury risks.
  • Easy to carry and use.
  • Correct shrugging, arched backs, and bent spines.
  • Improves body flexibility while correcting dance poses
  • Develops coordination and balance, as well as endurance
  • Effectively train your muscles
  • Fit well for men and women exercising, such as yoga, squat, kneel raise, Pilates, muscle stretching, gymnastics, and are perfect for men and women alike.


Item type: Elastic band

Material: Nylon + Latex

Applicable: Muscle stretching, yoga exercise, fitness training, dancing.

Colour: Pink black, pink, white, yellow, black, red black

Weight: eight cells 50g, 9 cells 60g,

Size: eight cells eighty-five*4cm, 9 cells 105*3.6cm