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Women Arms Exercise Grip

Get rid of arms flabby problem – It requires little space and effort but gives amazing results. You control your gym with this arms fitness machine. By just installing the rubber band to this machine and working out a few minutes a day, you can get rid of arms flabby problem and shape your back anywhere and anytime.

With ergonomic hand grip and comfortable padded arm rest, it is harmless to your arm.

A great tool to burn your calories while exercising, shapes, tightens, and tone your arms, shoulders, biceps, backs, triceps, and chest muscles that make every muscle in perfect shape.

Great for all fitness levels and age groups, no joint strain and no more push-ups 

There are 3 level of exercises – begin with the lowest level and gradually increase to the highest.


Main material: ABS

Colour: White

Product size: 25 x 21 x10cm